What a Personal Injury Lawyer in St Louis Can Do For You

When I was rear-ended on I-64, it never occurred to me that I might need the help of a personal injury lawyer St. Louis. Traffic was traveling very slowly due to construction and all I felt was a little tap. At first, I was confused, but I soon learned I wasn’t the only victim in this incident. True, I was hit by the car behind me, but only because he was hit by the vehicle behind HIM and was literally pushed into me.

As I said, it felt like a tap. Still, we all swapped insurance information just in case. Four days later, I noticed my hand was shaking slightly. It was an involuntary tremor. I didn’t connect it with the accident until a coworker noticed it and said, Didn’t you say the other day that you were in a car accident? That was ten years ago. I still have that tremor, only it’s much, much worse!

I never sought the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. Call it plaintiff’s guilt. I didn’t want to be viewed as an opportunist, or of taking undue advantage of the situation. Whatever. I now work for a personal injury lawyer and realize how foolish I was to have neglected following through.

An experienced personal injury lawyer like John Medler has pretty much seen it all. Where I see a little shaking, he sees a potential disability in the making. That’s because he has likely dealt with similar situations in the past and knows how debilitating a seemingly minor injury can become. He knows that it’s not just about today; it’s about the future as well and the very real possibility of becoming unemployable due to my injury.

He knows filing a personal injury claim, or even a lawsuit, is nothing about which to be ashamed. No need to feel guilty or greedy. A person who has suffered an injury due to another person’s irresponsible behavior has a right to be compensated for that injury and the accompanying emotional distress. He also knows the other party’s insurance carrier would like you to feel guilty about filing that claim and in fact will play on that guilt in order to make that claim go away or at least to save their insurance company from paying out on a large settlement.

Your personal injury lawyer is there to protect you from those kinds of manipulations and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. So don’t be like me. If you have been injured in an accident, talk to a lawyer specializing in personal injuries and get the compensation you deserve.

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Best Reasons To Call Your St Louis Auto Accident Attorney Immediately

So you’ve been involved in a nasty little fender bender, and it looks like it’s your fault. You’re thinking that maybe you can just sweet talk the police, turn it over to your insurance company, and everything will be okay tomorrow. And then you’re probably wondering why it could possibly be necessary to call a criminal auto accident lawyer, right now everything looks okay. First of all, many times the police are experts in making you think everything’s okay, just before they decide to put the handcuffs on you and put you in jail. What they’ve done is ask you a bunch of innocent questions and helped you admit guilt all over the place, so they can then charge you. Let’s go over some of the other important reasons why you should call a Saint Louis traffic lawyer immediately.

It’s extremely important, when involved in a car accident, that you hire an attorney who specializes in auto accident criminal investigations. Your basic divorce attorney or bankruptcy lawyer is ill-equipped to handle a serious criminal charge after a car accident. The appropriate kind of attorney will have investigators that he can call any hour day or night, and have them on the scene with tape measures and cameras, asking questions of witnesses and the police. Meanwhile, your St. Louis traffic lawyer will be standing between the police and you, keeping you from answering any incriminating questions that they may have. Many times that alone can keep you from being charged with a crime.

A good auto accident attorney is an expert at pointing out to the police investigators facts that they may not notice, that could actually prove you are not negligent for the accident at all, or that there are extenuating circumstances that put into question your guilt. The police don’t usually want to go to trial on a case they’re not sure they can win, or were the facts are a little bit cloudy one way or the other. In many cases they will recommend to the prosecutor whether or not they believe you should be charged, and by having an attorney present right from the beginning, they know you’ll be well represented.

Finally, if your accident lawyer can prove that you are not negligent for the accident, you could then be eligible to collect from another party’s insurance company, the costs of your medical bills, car repairs and additional for pain and suffering. There should be no better reason than to call your St. Louis auto accident attorney immediately any time you’re involved in an accident.

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Personal Injury Case #1: St. Charles AC Repair Company

It is important not to put off AC repair in St Charles Missouri, if you want to keep your home at a comfortable temperature over the summer months. But how do you know when it is time to call in a technician? Sometimes, it is very obvious if there is a problem with your air conditioning system, but there are also times when the issue is very subtle. Knowing how to spot potential issues at an early stage means that the problem will not escalate and become more costly to fix.

To check if your air conditioner is functioning as expected, use the thermostat controls to switch the unit on. Listen very carefully and take note of any noises which are unfamiliar. In particular, you should listen for knocking sounds or squeaking noises, which can indicate a problem with the belt or the motor. Sometimes these elements just need lubrication rather than replacement, but it is best to call in a technician to get an expert opinion and to ensure that the job is carried out properly.

You should also check the effectiveness of your air conditioning by taking the temperature in each room. If the system is working efficiently, the rooms should be of a similar temperature. Allow the thermometer a few minutes to adjust, to get a more accurate reading. You also want to check that the thermostat on the air conditioning unit and the temperature readings you have taken in the rooms match up. If there is significant disagreement, have your AC unit serviced. There may be a minor issue developing, or the thermostat might be faulty.

The final check you should make is to look for water dripping around the unit, or any formation of ice crystals. This is a clear sign that the air conditioning unit is not cooling the air effectively and is in need of repair. This is a job which always needs professional attention. If there are cracks in the tubes, then they will need immediate replacement. Pools of water may also indicate a serious problem with the condensation pump, which should remove excess water to the drain.

If you are in any doubt that your air conditioning system is working correctly, you should call in a professional to take a look at it. In the long term, you will be saving money as problems are easier to resolve in the early stages.